Our first day of the TWINCLE program in Chiba University was started quite late since we have landed in Japan in the middle of the night on the previous day. After spending some times of sightseeing on the neighborhood in the Chiba international dormitory, we have been guided to go to Chiba University for the first time of our life by Oshima Sensei, one of the supervisors for our program.

In the university, we got a brief introduction about Chiba University. Afterwards, we have an explanation of schedule and all the task and requirements that should be done during and after the program.2

Since the main activity of this program is a laboratory work and cultural experience, so that we are divided into several laboratories from different divisions and study center. Most of the member of our team join the laboratory belongs to the Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CERES), Chiba University. This laboratory course is supervised by Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo. However, other members will join the laboratory course of Division of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, supervised by Prof. Motoi Machida. Other students from Universitas Indonesia and Udayana University will join the laboratory of Deparment of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Health Education, and Department of Image Processing and Computer Sciences.

After the explanation, we have a campus tour around Chiba University which is very useful to make us get more familiar with the environment and the campus atmosphere. We visited all the respective laboratories that we have to join and several campus facilities, such as sport facilities (basketball stadium, swimming pool, tennis field, etc). We find it really interesting to see the activities from the students in Chiba. There are many extra curricular activities developed, and students looks really active to participate.

The campus trip is ended with a welcoming ceremony. In the ceremony, we have been introduced to the professors and staffs of the Faculty of Education and TWINCLE Program. There is also a demonstration of Kendo by the student of Chiba University. As known, Kendo is a martial arts originally from Japan. It was so interesting to see the performance and culture. We have also a lot of great food, including the famous Japanese food, Sushi.

Afterwards, we have a session of introduction between Indonesian students and Japanese students. Oshima Sensei asked us to introduce our self and remember all the name of Japanese students, also in other way around. He make a game to introduce each other in front of all other participant. Although in the beginning it was so difficult to communicate to each other (both sides were so shy), but in the end we managed that and becoming friends easily. Many topics were discussed between students from the two countries, including academic and cultural aspects. We feel like it is so enriching, and such a precious opportunity for us to learn each other culture and make a new friends!.

The program of today was end at 09.00 pm,

We are looking forward to join the laboratory course tomorrow and to have a new experience!

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