2013 TWINCLE Program Orientation

Our first day of the TWINCLE program in Chiba University was started quite late since we have landed in Japan in the middle of the night on the previous day. After spending some times of sightseeing on the neighborhood in the Chiba international dormitory, we have been guided to go to Chiba University for the first time of our life by Oshima Sensei, one of the supervisors for our program.

In the university, we got a brief introduction about Chiba University. Afterwards, we have an explanation of schedule and all the task and requirements that should be done during and after the program.

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10 MPPDAS Students join Chiba University through TWINCLE Program

TWINCLE- Stands for “Twin College Envoys Program”

-is a joint program between Chiba University, Japan and several universities in Indonesia. Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is one of the partner universities in Indonesia besides Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Udayana, and other universities.

On 1-11 July 2013, ten UGM students under the Master Program on Planning and Management of Coastal Area and Watershed (MPPDAS) Faculty of Geography UGM, together with five Udayana students, and ten Universitas Indonesia students join the laboratory work and cultural experience in Chiba University, Japan. The program is aimed to erinch experience and promote academic and cultural exchange among participants from Indonesia and Japan.

This blog is basically a collection of travel diaries, documentation, and daily activities of UGM students during the program.

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