On February 2014, three students of the Master Program of Planning and Management of Coastal Area and Watershed (MPPDAS), namely, Arief Darmawan , Dwi Setyo Aji, and Ajeng Larasati, were awarded a six-month scholarship of student exchange to the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany. This program was managed by the Centre for Natural Resources Department (CNRD) in Germany for all of its university members, including ITT and UGM.

During the student exchange program, the students were offered an opportunity to study in an international atmosphere with other colleagues, researchers, and lecturers from many parts of the worlds. They were allowed to choose 5-6 courses that suited their interests, including a joint research on ecotourism potential in the Chukurova Delta, Turkey. The courses focused on the overlapping issues of geography and other scientific disciplines worldwide, including the trends in agricultural sciences and engineering in Indonesia, Germany, and Africa. Furthermore, two additional courses on daily German conversation and English scientific writing were also provided as part of the program.

Participants of student and researcher exchange in ITT, Cologne in summer of 2014 (Photo by ITT, CUAS)

Interviews during field visit to Turkey for ecotourism potential in the Chukurova Delta (Photo by Ajeng Larasati)